As a leading cross-border logistics platform in Thailand, FASTSHIP is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality products and services to our clients. We achieve this mission by aggregating a network of 15 top door-to-door delivery service providers and 25 unique logistics services offering and integrating local and international logistic providers, marketplaces, and other partners to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions that include shipping processes, real-time tracking, and customs processes.

We are committed to expanding our business ranges and expertise through technology, enabling us to provide innovative solutions to our fast-growing customers. With over 20 service points throughout Thailand, including branches in Bangkok and Chiangmai , our services cover more than 200 destinations, ensuring that our clients receive efficient and reliable logistic support.

Our solutions are powered by innovative technology provided by CloudCommerce allow us to provide affordable and professional service, combined with value-added offerings. We constantly innovate to meet the dynamic needs of cross-border businesses, helping them grow and connect with customers worldwide.

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